Travel Tips


Below you will find some of our travel suggesstions and tips which might help you best prepare for your upcoming travel.

Klingerman’s local travel agents are chosen because of their extensive traveling backgrounds. They are the ones to take you on the escorted group/all-inclusive vacations. This team of experts has put together a list to help with your travel planning and local travel booking. We want to see you have a safe and wonderful trip.

  • Make two copies of your passport, travel visas, airline tickets, insurance documents. Leave one set at home and carry a set with you.
  • When using a passport, make sure the expiration date is 6 months past your return date.
  • Make a list of the credit cards you will carry with you (bring only the cards you will really need). Leave at home all unnecessary items such as keys, expensive jewelry, etc.
  • Advise the companies of the credit cards you will be carrying that you will be making charges away from home, so they don’t assume your card was stolen.
  • If renting a car abroad, obtain an International Driver’s License. These are not usually required, but can be beneficial for recognition by local authorities and safeguards your state-issued license.
  • Bring a card that includes special medical conditions, allergies, names and numbers of your doctors, even your blood type for medical emergencies.
  • Bring prescriptions in their original prescription-labeled bottles and pack them in your carry-on. It’s also a good idea to bring extra supply of prescriptions, extra glasses and a list of the medicines you’ll carry.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance. Your medical insurance may not cover you outside of the United States.
  • Use your business address on luggage identification tags when possible.
  • Place your name, address and telephone number inside your luggage.
  • Stop your mail, newspaper and other deliveries.
  • Don’t change the outgoing message on your answering machine. Never use a message that says, “we are out of town”.
  • Set and activate a timer for your lights.
  • If traveling internationally, bring a converter/adapter, extra memory cards and batteries (or film) for your camera.
  • At your destination, carry a piece of the hotel stationary or matchbook with you. This comes in handy when communicating with local taxi drivers or simply remembering the name of the hotel you’re staying at.